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Meet The Team


Charlotte Burion



Charlotte and David, founders of Charlie Rockett, met in film school in 2013. After being friends and roommates for a while, they decided to take a chance and are now the most powerful couple after Beyoncé and Jay Z.



Well anyway, they graduated from HELB in Brussels and expanded their love by giving birth to their first baby, "Keep A Close Eye", which was selected in 3 international film festivals. 


They started as freelance camera operators, but they needed more... 

They wanted to not only improve their skills, but also diversify their services in order to anticipate their customers' needs.

So, in 2017, they founded Charlie Rockett, their own production company.

Their knowledge of the movie industry and their technical skills of image and light will provide a cinematic look to all your videos.


By hiring this dynamic duo, you hire a team, which will provide both financial benefits and maximized time allocation.

They know each other so well they will be "FUDGING" efficient!


You don't believe me? 

They'll be happy to show you their magic trick and prove to you they have the ability to read each other's minds.


So let's do this! 

David Commerman
Director of Photography
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